Teeth Whitening Mississauga

Teeth Whitening Mississauga

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Who is a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

  • People with stained or discolored
  • People who want a more youthful looking smile
  • People who want to look more successful and confident
  • People who want to look their best for special occasions

Teeth Whitening Mississauga

Smiles are unviersally understood in every language. Here in Mississauga, Dr. Mohamad Khorshid understands that sometimes small details can make a huge difference. Having a  brilliant smile free from stains and discoloration symbolizes youth, health and of course happiness. Dr. Mohamad Khorshid, your Mississauga dentist, specializes in customized care to ensure that your smile best reflects your personality and boots your confidence so you won't be able to stop smiling!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Norton Dental Mississauga in Mississauga, utilizes only the best quality teeth whitening products this day and age has to offer. Whether you chose to do a professional in-office teeth whitening session with Dr. Mohamad Khorshid, or a professional at home teeth whitening kit provided by Dr. Mohamad Khorshid your smile will shine brighter and more radiant than ever!

Zoom whitening is a great product that uses a safe, highly concentrated peroxide gel and a curing light (sometimes referred to as laser teeth whitening) to safely remove stains and discoloration without damaging the enamel. The peroxide gel is applied to the surface of each tooth once the gums have been safely isolated. The Zoom teeth whitening gel acts as the smile whitener, whereas the curing light (teeth whitening laser) activates the gel to begin the process. The Zoom whitening process takes place in 15 minute intervals with a maximum of 4 intervals per session.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is any professional teeth whitening procedure that utilizes a high intensity light to activate and accelerate the process. This is how you can improve the shade of your smile in just 45minutes! Laser teeth whitening is safe and the best teeth whitening treatment for maximum results in the least amount of time.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

Professional teeth whitening can also mean at home teeth whitening. At Norton Dental Mississauga in Mississauga, name is proud to offer professional grade at home teeth whitening kits. Our teeth whitening at home kits provide our patients with customized trays and one tube of highly concentrated peroxide gel to safely whiten your smile at home. The teeth whitener in our professional take home smile kits is much higher that over the counter products you may find at your local drugstore. This is why it is distributed by Dr. Mohamad Khorshid, your Mississauga dentist

Achieving pearly whites at home is simple! All you have to do is place a small amount of teeth whitener into your customized trays as directed and leave on for a maximum of two hours. So sit back, relax, even watch a movie! You'll just love your new brighter smile!

Natural Teeth Whitening

Yes it does exist! Natural teeth whitening is an available option. However, you may not get results as noticeable as you would see in a professional teeth whitening session. Natural tooth whitening product are less intense and so it makes sense that the results would coincide with that. There are many ways to naturally whiten your teeth. Some natural tooth whitening methods are very gentle on the teeth while others may cause damage to the enamel. here we have listed some natural stain improving methods below.

Strawberries contain malic acid which can be used to whiten tooth discoloration. You can whiten your smile by applying some crushed strawberry pulp to your teeth and then removing after about 5 minutes. Remember to brush and floss.

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Teeth Whitening Cost

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